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Jira End-of-Life Support

Ayalon Insurance

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About the client:

Ayalon, a prominent Israeli insurance services company, relied on Atlassian Jira as its main tool for managing application lifecycles, including tasks, development, and customizations.


Customer’s requirements:

Ayalon faced an urgent problem when their JIRA version reached its end of life (EOL), and their previous service provider couldn't handle the upgrade process. Ycon was called upon to tackle this challenge.​


Ycon solution:

We looked at everything in Ayalon's setup, including the parts that the previous vendor had trouble with. We made a plan and tested it to make sure it would work, and then we upgraded their main system to the newest stable version.

We upgraded Ayalon's primary task management tool, JIRA, first to a supported Server version, and following Ycon's suggestion, we enhanced it by moving to a more robust Data Center environment.

Client's benefits:

  • Continuous Usage: Ayalon can keep using JIRA for their application lifecycle management without any interruptions.

  • Improved Performance and Security: The upgraded JIRA version offers better performance and enhanced security features, ensuring a more reliable and secure platform for Ayalon's needs.

  • Expertise and Assurance: Ycon's expertise and successful execution of the upgrade process give Ayalon confidence in handling their future application lifecycle management and other DevOps requirements.

To sum up:

Ayalon urgently needed to upgrade their JIRA software after their previous provider couldn't handle it. Ycon stepped in, analyzed their setup, created a reliable upgrade plan, and successfully upgraded their main system to the latest version. Additionally, Ycon enhanced JIRA's performance by migrating it to a more robust Data Center environment.

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