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Accessibility Statement

Ycon - DevOps Solutions is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for all people, including those with disabilities. We strive to adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA standards to provide an inclusive and seamless experience for everyone.

Our Commitment Includes:

  1. Web Standards: Our website is designed and developed to meet or exceed the WCAG 2.1 Level AA standards.

  2. Continuous Improvement: We actively work towards improving accessibility, regularly reviewing and updating our website to address any potential issues.

  3. User Feedback: We value feedback from our users. If you encounter any accessibility barriers or have suggestions for improvement, please contact us at

Accessibility Features:

  • Navigation: Clear and consistent navigation throughout the site.

  • Alternative Text: Images are accompanied by descriptive alternative text.

  • Contrast and Color: We ensure sufficient color contrast and avoid relying solely on color to convey information.

While we've endeavored to ensure accessibility across all pages, some may not be fully accessible. Our ongoing commitment involves continuous efforts to enhance accessibility, striving for equal and complete access for all users.


Contact Information:

If you experience any accessibility issues or have suggestions for improvement, please contact us at Your feedback is essential as we work towards creating a fully accessible online environment.

Date of Last Update: 13.10.2023

This accessibility statement is subject to change as we continue to enhance our website's accessibility features.

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