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IBM Requirement Management

As certified IBM partners, we offer licenses, comprehensive services and solutions. Get the right tools and expert support for your DevOps journey

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As certified IBM business partners, we are your trusted gateway to a world of possibilities with IBM/Rational tools. Our comprehensive services include licensing, installation, implementation, support, and consulting for these powerful tools. With Ycon’s experience by your side, you can experience the full potential of IBM's cutting-edge software engineering solutions.

IBM/Rational Team Concert (RTC)

RTC is the ultimate collaboration tool for software development. It streamlines teamwork, keeps track of changes, plans releases, and manages problems. With Ycon's expertise, you'll unlock the true potential of RTC to enhance your software development process.

IBM/Rational Quality Manager (RQM)

RQM is a web-based gem for planning and managing tests throughout your software development journey. Its powerful feature set, when combined with other IBM tools, ensures software excellence. Ycon will guide you in making RQM an integral part of your quality assurance process.

IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next

DOORS Next a suite of integrated tools designed to support collaborative engineering teams. It helps manage requirements across multiple projects within your enterprise, ensuring compliance with engineering standards. With its user-friendly interface and version control capabilities, accessing requirements information is a breeze, no matter your platform or device.

DOORS Next enables traceability between project assets like source code, testing scenarios, design models, and documents. This traceability improves development cycles, ensuring strong product quality every step of the way.


Who is it relevant for?

  • Aerospace Industry

  • Defense Industry

  • Automotive Industry

  • Electronics Industry

  • Medical Industry

  • Computer System and Engineering Industry

  • Public Sector and Government


Our team has extensive experience in implementing and managing IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next

Our implementation process

  • Project Analysis: We start by assessing your needs and identifying areas where IBM Doors can bring the most benefit. We define the steps required for your early project definition

  • Implementation: We help you implement IBM Doors, ensuring successful integration with your existing DevOps tools and workflows, including data migration and organization if needed

  • Training: Comprehensive training sessions ensure efficient implementation

  • Support: We're here for you with ongoing support to keep your operations running smoothly


As certified IBM business partners, we can offer you licenses for IBM/Rational tools, as well as provide complete services such as installation, implementation, support, and consulting for these tools. Our expertise ensures you have access to the right products and the assistance you need to effectively use them in your organization

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