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What is IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next?

DOORS is a suite of integrated tools designed to support collaborative engineering teams in managing their requirements across multiple projects within a given enterprise. It allows product developers to keep track of their products' features and requirements while ensuring that they are compliant with all relevant engineering standards. With its interactive interface and version control capabilities, users can easily access requirements information stored in its underlying database on any platform or device.
The suite also supports traceability between project assets such as source code, testing scenarios, design models, and documents; enabling faster development cycles for strong product quality assurance checks along the way.

Who is it relevant for?

  • Aerospace Industry

  • Defense Industry

  • Automotive Industry

  • Electronics Industry

  • Medical Industry

  • Computer System and Engineering Industry

  • Public Sector and Government

5 Reasons to choose Ycon For your next IBM DOOS project


Our team has extensive experience in implementing and managing IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next

Steps we usually perform on such implementation projects

  • Project Analysis: We start by assessing our customer’s needs and identifying the areas where IBM Doors can be most beneficial to their organization. We define the steps required to achieve their goals by early project definition

  • Implementation: We help our customers to implement IBM Doors, ensuring that it is integrated seamlessly with their existing DevOps tools and workflows, including data migration and organization (if required)

  • Training: We provide comprehensive training sessions to our clients to ensure efficient implementation

  • Support: We provide ongoing support to our customers


Why choose Ycon for your journey & how do we do it?

Founded in 2009, Ycon provides various DevOps & ALM solutions through development process analysis, assessments on tools that are in use, and defining work methodology that takes the customer a step ahead.

We specialize in DevOps environment establishment and DevOps services implementation, by bringing our strong knowledge, technical skills, and vast experience, a result of lots of successful projects and many satisfied customers.

As a leading DevOps Services & Solutions company, and as IBM’s certified business partners, we have extensive experience working with IBM Doors.

Our team includes experienced professionals who work closely with our customers.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their requirements are met and that they get the most out of IBM Doors

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