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Success Story

Applied Materials

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About the client:

Applied Materials Israel serves as the headquarters for the Process Diagnostics and Control business unit (PDC). Within this facility, they engage in the advancement, production, and commercialization of state-of-the-art metrology and inspection products that leverage cutting-edge machine learning and computer vision technologies. These products are integral components in the field of wafer fabrication.

Customer’s requirements:

The customer possessed a set of legacy tools, primarily consisting of IBM tools, and lacked a dedicated DevOps team responsible for managing these tools and associated processes.

The existing team predominantly comprised infrastructure specialists who concentrated on developing shared infrastructure elements, such as the build system.

To address their needs in the realm of DevOps, the customer sought support and consulting services.

Ycon solutions:

Following a comprehensive analysis of the entire environment, which encompassed a review of previous tools in use, Ycon deployed an on-site team operating as a managed service. This dedicated team comprises Atlassian specialists, Infrastructure experts, and a seasoned technical team leader.

Together with the customer, we formulated a migration and implementation strategy for new tools, tailoring these solutions to align with their precise requirements. Our local team has been responsible for the full DevOps tool stack management on behalf of the customer, spanning from the infrastructure layer to ongoing day-to-day support.

Additionally, we have conducted training sessions covering a diverse range of tools.


In-house tools and customizations:


Throughout the process, we have also crafted localized tools and customizations integrated into the system. This includes the creation of unique, tailored solutions wherever necessary.

As an illustration, one such solution is an in-house tool designed to streamline the installation of a complete development environment with a single click, facilitating user convenience.

Client's benefits

  • Local DevOps Team: Having a local DevOps team to manage the DevOps tools provides the client with direct, on-site support and expertise, leading to more efficient and effective management of their tools.

  • ROI (Return on Investment): The client achieved significant cost savings, saving approximately $100,000 per year by developing internal automated tools. This demonstrates a smart investment in automation that reduces manual effort and associated costs.

Scheme of Applied Materials Case Study by Ycon

To sum up:

Applied Materials faced a challenge with legacy IBM tools and lacked a dedicated DevOps team. Our Ycon team stepped in, offering a comprehensive solution. We deployed a skilled on-site team, including Atlassian specialists and infrastructure experts, and devised a tailored migration and implementation strategy. We managed the entire DevOps tool stack and provided training. Additionally, our tram created custom tools, such as a one-click development environment installer, to enhance user convenience.

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