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Jira Data Center Migration

Ayalon Insurance

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About the client:

Ayalon, a prominent Israeli insurance services company, relied on ATLASSIAN JIRA as its main tool for managing application lifecycles, including tasks, development, and customizations.

Customer’s requirements (Case study #2):

Ayalon asked us to move their JIRA system from one place (Server) to a better one (Data Center). They want to make JIRA work faster, handle more tasks, and be more reliable. This change will help them manage their work better. We're committed to making this move successful and making sure it meets Ayalon's needs.

Ycon solution:

Ycon, as Ayalon's DevOps Services and Consulting partner, recommended and started a process to make their JIRA system better. We moved it from a Server to a Data Center, which is a more efficient way to handle their needs and challenges. This change also allows them to grow and have a strong and reliable system.

While doing this, we improved how the system works, making it fit Ayalon's specific needs. For example, we fixed a JIRA App that was no longer working due to changes in the system. We made it work with the new Data Center version of JIRA, making Ayalon's JIRA even better.

Since we made these changes, the JIRA system works much faster, and the people who use it have a better experience.

Client's benefits:

  • Efficiency and Scalability: moving from a Server to a Data Center environment offers Ayalon an efficient solution that meets their needs and challenges. It also provides the ability to scale up as their requirements grow, along with a strong and reliable infrastructure.

  • Improved Workflow: Ycon's customized solutions enhance the existing customizations within the system, making Ayalon's workflow more effective and productive. This translates to smoother and more efficient operations for Ayalon.

Scheme of Ayalon Insurance Case Stusy by Ycon

To sum up:

Ayalon wanted to make their JIRA system work faster, handle more tasks, and be more dependable. They asked Ycon to help, and we moved their JIRA from one place to a better one called Data Center. This change allows them to grow and have a strong system. We also fixed a problem with one of their apps and made everything work smoothly. Now, their JIRA works faster, and people using it have a better experience. Ayalon benefits from this by having an efficient and scalable system, and an improved workflow.

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