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Senior DevOps Engineer (Hybrid)

This DevOps role based in Petah Tikva (Hybrid) offers a unique opportunity to lead the adoption of DevOps best practices and tools within an organization. Collaborate with cross-functional teams, select appropriate methodologies, and implement cutting-edge DevOps solutions. With a minimum of 5 years of experience, proficiency in scripting and development, and expertise in Docker, Kubernetes, and cloud platforms, you'll play a pivotal role in optimizing software development processes. Join us in fostering collaboration, leveraging CI/CD tools, and contributing to continuous improvement and innovation.


Petah Tikva (Hybrid)

About the role:

  • Collaborate extensively with developers, QA professionals, and other team members to facilitate the adoption of best practices and the implementation of DevOps tools.

  • Assess the development process and select appropriate DevOps tools and methodologies.

  • Lead the design and implementation of DevOps methods and tools within the organization.

  • Hands-on involvement in DevOps activities, ensuring practical application of chosen tools and methodologies.

  • Operate within cloud platforms to support and optimize DevOps processes.

  • Work in Kubernetes and Docker environments to enhance containerization and orchestration.



  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in DevOps positions, demonstrating a strong background in DevOps practices.

  • Proficiency in scripting and development with at least one programming language (e.g., JavaScript, Python, Groovy, Perl, Gradle, Java).

  • Knowledge and hands-on experience with Docker and Kubernetes, emphasizing containerization and orchestration.

  • Proficiency in Linux and familiarity with other infrastructure technologies.

  • Experience with various cloud platforms, leveraging cloud resources effectively.

  • A deep understanding of software development processes and methodologies.

  • Implementation of CI/CD processes to enhance collaboration, using tools like Jenkins and Git.

  • A strong team player with the ability to thrive in complex and collaborative environments.

Candidates with these qualifications and experience are encouraged to apply for this pivotal DevOps role, contributing to the organization's continuous improvement and innovation.

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