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Smooth Transition Ahead: Overcoming Challenges with Jira Cloud Migration

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Atlassian has recently announced that the Server Products are reaching End of Life (EOL), including Jira Server, in February 2024.

This means that organizations using Jira Server will need to migrate to a cloud-based deployment or migrate to Data Center if they want to continue using Jira.

Atlassian Jira Cloud Migration offers many benefits for organizations looking to modernize their project management tools and streamline their operations.

As a professional you understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve and embracing new technology to improve your organization's efficiency and productivity.

Atlassian Jira Cloud Migration is the perfect solution to do just that, and our Experts at Ycon DevOps are here to help.

Smooth Transition Ahead: Overcoming Challenges with Jira Cloud Migration
Smooth Transition Ahead

What is Jira Cloud Migration?

Jira Cloud Migration is the process of moving your Jira data from an on-premises instance to a cloud-based one. With the discontinuation of Atlassian's Server products, Jira Cloud Migration has become a critical step for organizations that wish continue using Jira. The cloud-based deployment offers increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability, as well as advanced security features and protocols to keep your data safe while also spare time and cost invested on Infrastructure.

Advantages of Jira Cloud Migration

Migrating to Jira Cloud offers numerous benefits, including:

  1. Reduced infrastructure costs - A cloud-based deployment eliminates the need for expensive hardware, computing and infrastructure investments, resulting in significant cost savings.

  2. Scalability - Cloud-based Jira instances can easily scale to meet the evolving needs of your organization.

  3. Increased security - Cloud providers offer advanced security features and protocols that can help keep your Jira data safe and secure.

  4. Accessibility - Cloud-based Jira instances can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, making it easier for remote teams to collaborate on projects.

  5. Automatic upgrades - With a cloud-based deployment, upgrades and updates to Jira are automatically managed by the provider, saving your IT team time and resources.

Common Challenges with Jira Cloud Migration

While the benefits of Jira Cloud Migration are significant, there are also some common challenges that organizations may face during the migration process.

These challenges include:

  1. Customizations and integrations - Organizations that have heavily customized their on-premises Jira deployment may face challenges in migrating those customizations to the cloud.

  2. Data loss - If the migration process is not properly planned and executed, there is a risk of data loss or corruption.

  3. User adoption - Migrating to a new deployment can be disruptive for users, and it's essential to have a plan in place to ensure a smooth transition.

  4. Apps / Plugins - In case that the On-Premise instance includes lots of Apps/Plugins (from Atlassian marketplace) it can be a challenge since not all APPS are having a cloud version, as well cases of Apps which are ‘Cloud’ adopted but not all of it’s on-premise version functionalities - are supported on cloud

Choose Ycon DevOps for Your Jira Cloud Migration

At Ycon DevOps, we have the expertise and experience to ensure a successful migration to Jira Cloud.

Here are five reasons why you should choose us for your cloud migration:

  1. Our Experience - Ycon has over 10 years of experience providing comprehensive Atlassian solutions, including consulting, training, development & customization services, and more.

  2. Our Team - Ycon's team consists of leading consultants with Atlassian certifications, such as Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket experts. We customize & develop new features, consultant & services, training and coaching.

  3. Our Atlassian Developments - Ycon has developed various integrations to add functionality between JIRA & Confluence / Jira & Bitbucket.

  4. Our Customers - Ycon is known for being a long-term strategic DevOps partner for enterprises, medium-sized companies, and startups, helping them grow along the way.

  5. Our Moto - “Clarify. Simplify. Implement” is our guiding principle. We strive to be close to the customer, understanding their needs and desired results. We only accept projects we can confidently provide solutions for, while offer high-quality consultancy. Our goal is to make the path to the solution as simple as possible.

  6. Lastly, we ensure the implementation of the solution is stable, so the benefits are valid for a long time.


Atlassian Jira Cloud Migration is an essential step for organizations that wish to continue using Jira after the discontinuation of Atlassian's Server products. While there are some common challenges to be aware of, the benefits of a cloud-based instance, including reduced costs, increased security and improved scalability, make it as the best option for modernizing project management tools and streamlining operations. Work with our team at Ycon DevOps to ensure a successful migration and future-proof your project management.

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