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IBM business partners specialize with the IBM ELM & ERM toolset



IBM/Rational Team Concert (RTC)

Collaboration and integration across the development lifecycle.
RTC, the collaborative SW development tool, manages all work's aspects -
source control, release planning, changes managment, defect tracking and build automation.

IBM/Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG)
The ultimate way to define, trace, analyze, and manage requirements.
With best practices in requirements management and traceability, your organization will increase quality and work more effectively.
With varied features and plentiful capabilities of DNG, The final result is
optimized development, reduce costs savings and organizational order.

IBM/Rational Quality Manager (RQM)

Collaborative, web-based tool that offers comprehensive test planning, test construction, and test artifact management features throughout the software development lifecycle, with
various features, capabilities and ability to integrate with other IBM tools.

Additional Tools
IBM/Rational ClearCase - Software Configuration Management
IBM/Rational ClearQuest - Bug Tracking System, Workflow Application


As IBM business partners & certified, we will provide you licenses to products and/or

full installation, implementation, support and consulting for IBM/Rational toolset

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