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DevOps Services For Startups

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We are excited to offer our services to help new businesses kickstart their software development and operation processes.
Consulting Hour Bank, a 1-day Professional Workshop, and an Effective Assessment are only part of our services.

With our Consulting Hour Bank, you'll have access to our Senior DevOps consultants to provide guidance and support, as you navigate the DevOps landscape in your Startup.

Our 1-day Professional Workshop will help you comprehensively understand DevOps concepts & tools, and even train your team on tools you already use.
With our Effectiveness Assessment, we'll assist you in identifying areas for improvement in your current process and provide you with a roadmap for success.
Our bundles are designed to help you save time and money while building an efficient & advanced DevOps infrastructure.

Consulting Hour Bank

We will understand your needs and Goals, define them together and start working to Improve -

  • Development Processes

  • Code & Artifacts Management

  • ALM Tools Support
    And more

Your Benefits:

  • Small & flexible budget

  • Easy to use - you decide when you need us

  • Professional senior DevOps skills at good price

5 reasons to choose Ycon for your next IBM DOOS project


Our team has extensive experience in implementing and managing IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next

Why choose Ycon for your journey & How we do it?

Founded in 2009, Ycon provides various DevOps & ALM solutions through development process analysis, assessments on tools that are in use and defining work methodology that takes the customer a step ahead.

We specialize in DevOps environment establishment and DevOps services implementation, by bringing our strong knowledge, technical skills, and vast experience, a result of lots of successful projects and many satisfied

We're here to support new businesses in jumpstarting their software development and operations. Our services include a Consulting Hour Bank with access to Senior DevOps consultants, a 1-day Professional Workshop for comprehensive DevOps training, and an Effective Assessment to improve your processes. These offerings save you time and money while building an efficient DevOps infrastructure

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