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Jira Software - Atlassian

Software development smart tools for managing agile projects.

Jira plans and tracks issues and bugs that are related to your software.

Shorten development processes - optimize your workflows, significantly improve

the ability to estimate development times and manage the teams and programs.

With our experienced team and Atlassian experts @ Ycon, we offer you full

Jira implementation, architecture definitions based on the organization's

needs, plug-ins development and implementations, maintenance and support

to all Jira features and Jira trainings in your organization.


Confluence - Atlassian

Knowledge management and sharing!

The Complete Workflow Tool to help your

teams to collaborate.

Let information flow freely among

everyone at the organization.

With its features & templates, you can

create it all in Confluence.

Bitbucket - Atlassian

The Git solution for professional teams that

provides you one place to plan projects,

collaborate on code, tests, and deploys.

Easy "one-click" integration with Jira, pull requests with code review and comments, code search,

large files support and more - make this platform favorite among software teams.

Jenkins - CI/CD

Automating the software development process with Jenkins,

the open source Continuous Integration server.

Widely used as Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) tool,

Jenkins supports the entire software development life cycle -

building, testing, documenting the software and deploying.

Your company can organize and optimize the development process, as Jenkins

automate a build-and-run tests to ensure the functionality works as defined.

Looking for support for Jenkins? We will assists in planning, defining, consulting and implementing advanced methodologies with Jenkins!

Configuration Management, Continuous Deployment



Git - Version Control

Open source based platform and the most widely used code management tool in the world.

Git supports distributed development and allows its users to manage their code with

some certain actions.

Version control, flexibility in development, performance, security, speed and data integrity

are some of the main agvantages  of using Git.

We, at Ycon, will give you an advanced consulting and implementation to Git.


IBM/Rational Team Concert (RTC)

Collaboration and integration across the development lifecycle.

RTC, the collaborative SW development tool, manages all work's aspects -

source control, release planning, changes managment, defect tracking and build automation.

IBM/Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG)

The ultimate way to define, trace, analyze, and manage requirements.

With best practices in requirements management and traceability, your organization will increase quality and work more effectively.

With varied features and plentiful capabilities of DNG, The final result is

optimized development, reduce costs savings and organizational order.

IBM/Rational Quality Manager (RQM)

Collaborative, web-based tool that offers comprehensive test planning, test construction, and test artifact management features throughout the software development lifecycle, with

various features, capabilities and ability to integrate with other IBM tools.

Additional Tools

IBM/Rational ClearCase - Software Configuration Management

IBM/Rational ClearQuest - Bug Tracking System, Workflow Application


As IBM business partners & certified, we will provide you licenses to products and/or

full installation, implementation, support and consulting for IBM/Rational toolset

Microsoft Azure DevOps (Formerly TFS) -

Application Lifecycle Managment

Project managment, requirements management, version control, testing & reporting, automated builds, continuous integration (CI), continuous deployment (CD) - this product covers the entire application lifecycle managment.

With our experience, we will give you consulting & implementation services of TFS,

including development and linking to other systems. 



agile, agile methodologies, scrum, agile
agile, agile methodologies, scrum, agile
agile, agile methodologies, scrum, agile

What is Agile?

Agile breaks the product/project 

into smaller builds.

Development activities and testing are concurrent.

This approach centers the idea of iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between different  teams in the organizarion.

Also, Agile encourages teamwork and face-to-face communication.


Ycon helps organizations improve their productivity & agility


Ycon will lead the Agile process @ your organization.

With our proven experience, we will guide and accompany you in the process towards Agile.

We will examine and decide together with you what exactly you need.

We will choose the methodology that suits you, define the processes and customize the tools to the selected processes.


Cloud computing, cloud deployment, cloud

Technology and cloud solutions

Understand the current DevOps and Continuous Integration processes

Analyze the organization's capabilities

Implement solutions using cloud environment & Dockers


What will be the result?

Increased availability and amount of computing resources

Reduced costs due to optimized utilization

Automated & simplified processes

Improved quality

Improved development

Improved product


Together with our basket of services, we offer you a variety of training and mentoring lectures.

We provide professional trainings that will help your employees with their work tools,

giving them full control & proficiency of the tools that we will implement in your organization

and refreshes their knowledge with new features & innovations.

Ycon has extensive trainings experience with diverse recommendations!

We have the ability to make your teams simply the best.

devops trainings, software trainings, gi

PMO | Project Managment Office

KPI | Key Performance Indicators

As part of understanding development processes and supporting development projects,

Ycon provides PMO services.
Works alongside with the project managers and development team who assists in project management,

we are tracking the development capabilities and schedules, building reports and metrics (performance measurement) and controlling the whole development processes.

Ycon will assist you with quality PMO services according to organization and project needs
professional PMO accompaniment, trainings and mentoring.

PMO project managment office pmo service


As part of our services, we can help you make the licensing field to more efficient and cheap!
Making the best choices for you, we will serve your need as a source to

Atlassian tools, IBM/Rational tools, Microsoft tools and more.

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