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What Is It?

What Are The Main Advantages?

Containers enable any app to be encapsulated in an isolated, portable, self-sufficient and lightweight virtual VM-like infrastructure

Container share OS resources (not like VM-s) and provide a complete run-time environment for any app

Docker container uses a copy-on-write (union) file-system​ and so provide a layered approach for versioning run-time

Containers  can "Build/Ship/Run" on the Cloud or on-premise anywhere in Your infrastructure

No more "it works on my machine" excuse!

By Using Docker Containers

Ycon Helps Your Company To

adapt quickly to Micro-services based Architecture, and de-composing your monolithic apps

fast run of dozens of automated tests in parallel and easily discard or replace with the new releases

build Your apps once and ship&run anywhere (Windows and Linux) without any need for installations

build standard unit of deployments for Your company's CI/CD pipeline and share for different OS-s and product-lines

scale-out Your servers easily and automatically

facilitate company run-time standardization

move to cloud transparently by utilizing container orchestrators' technology and benefits

Kubernetes benefits: cluster-level management of auto-recovery, service discovery, load balance, auto-scale, cluster storage, network isolation, security and more "secrets"

Business Benefints

Cost effectiveness by optimal use of computer and Cloud resources

Company business resiliency and SLA readiness (up-time)

An end-to-end DevOps and Test environment that supports Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Production Docker environments can provide agility and ultimately improve the time to market of your applications